WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 5th, 2022*


Bayley says they dominated the Raw Women’s champion and her friends at Clash at the Castle. Sky and Kai promise to take the tag team titles. Bayley notes she is the first person to pin Bianca Belair in 10 months. Belair walks to the ring. Belair says Bayley got the better of her this weekend. She wants a match with Bayley tonight.

Bayley says it’s Labor Day so she isn’t working today. They are just here to celebrate her victory over Belair. Belair notes it took all three of them to beat her. Bayley may have her little minions, but she’s got the Raw Women’s Title. Unless it’s one-on-one and she walks away with the title, Bayley is in control of nothing.

Bayley, Sky, and Kai walk away. Bayley says she’s already beaten her so she has nothing to prove. She knows Belair’s fragile little ego can’t handle a loss. Bayley is going to focus on her girls getting theirs but when she’s ready to take Belair’s title she will get it one way or another.

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