WWE NXT Results – March 17th, 2021*

Zoey Stark vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez

Stark and Kai trade submission attempts. Kai sends Stark into the corner. Running boot by Kai. Starks kicks out. Stark fires up and lands a dive. After the break, Stark lands a flurry of strikes. Running PK by Stark. Kai kicks out. Stark charges in and gets tripped into the bottom rope. Kai slams Stark’s head into the ring apron. Kai sets Stark on the apron. Stark surprises Kai with a superkick. Stark tries to suplex Kai but Kai avoids it. Stark back body drops Kai back into the ring. Stark springboards off the top into a superkick by Kai. Kai lands a running boot in the corner. Stark kicks out. Stark hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Stark hops up to the top rope. Kai cuts Stark off with a running boot. Kai hits a rope assist Go To Kick for the win!

Winner- Dakota Kai

Kai and Gonzalez gear up to attack Stark. Io Shirai power walks to the ring. Shirai slaps Gonzalez in the chest with a contract. Shirai tells Gonzalez that she told her that she wants her. Shirai helps Stark up and they walk away. Gonzalez is seething.

Backstage, Kai begs Gonzalez to team with her next week against Stark and Shirai. Gonzalez eventually agrees.

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