WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 12th, 2022*


Rodriguez suplexes Kai. Aliyah and Rodriguez double team Kai. Rodriguez sends Sky and Kai out of the ring. Aliyah tags in. Rodriguez press slams Aliyah over the top rope onto Kai and Sky. After the break, Aliyah lands a flurry of offense. Kai trips Aliyah, which allows Sky to take over. Sky and Lai take turns working over Aliyah. Aliyah manages to tag in Rodriguez. Rodriguez clears the ring. Slingshot elbow by Rodriguez. Rodriguez tags in Aliyah.

Rodriguez slams Aliyah onto Sky. Sky tries a ranna on Rodriguez. Rodriguez almost turns it into a powerbomb. Sky and Rodriguez tumble over the top rope. Aliyah rolls up Kai. Kai kicks out. Slingshot x-factor by Aliyah. Bayley puts Kai’s leg on the bottom rope. Rodriguez goes after Bayley. Sky takes out Rodriguez with a moonsault to the outside. Kai hits the Kairopractor on Aliyah for the win.

Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Damage CTRL!


Deville lands a few strikes. Belair fires up and body slams Deville. Handspring moonsault by Belair. Deville kicks out. Deville rolls out of the ring. Belair tries a moonsault off the apron. Deville moves out of the way. Belair lands on her feet but Deville takes her down with a clothesline. After the break, Deville is working over Belair. Belair fires up but she misses another handspring moonsault. Deville only gets a two count. Deville lays in a few kicks. Belair ducks one of the kicks and hits a spinebuster. Deville kicks out.

Deville turns the Glam Slam into a victory roll. Belair kicks out and Deville flies into the middle turnbuckle. Belair sits Deville on the top rope. Deville pushes Beliar off the top. Flying knee by Deville. Belair kicks out. Suplex by Belair. Belair tries to float over but Deville turns it into a choke. Belair walks up the turnbuckles and does a backflip. breaking the hold. KOD by Belair. Belair pins Deville.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair!

After the match, Bayley walks out on the stage. Bayley puts over Kai and Sky. Bayley reminds everyone that she said Damage CTRL is taking over this division. Belair begs Bayley to get in the ring. Bayley mocks Belair for losing to her at the PLE.

Bayley will get in the ring with Belair when she’s good and ready. Sky and Kai surround Belair. Damage CTRL attacks Belair. Asuka and Alexa Bliss make the save. Bliss, Asuka, and Belair surround Bayley. Belair flattens Bayley with a spinebuster.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 5th, 2022*


Bayley says they dominated the Raw Women’s champion and her friends at Clash at the Castle. Sky and Kai promise to take the tag team titles. Bayley notes she is the first person to pin Bianca Belair in 10 months. Belair walks to the ring. Belair says Bayley got the better of her this weekend. She wants a match with Bayley tonight.

Bayley says it’s Labor Day so she isn’t working today. They are just here to celebrate her victory over Belair. Belair notes it took all three of them to beat her. Bayley may have her little minions, but she’s got the Raw Women’s Title. Unless it’s one-on-one and she walks away with the title, Bayley is in control of nothing.

Bayley, Sky, and Kai walk away. Bayley says she’s already beaten her so she has nothing to prove. She knows Belair’s fragile little ego can’t handle a loss. Bayley is going to focus on her girls getting theirs but when she’s ready to take Belair’s title she will get it one way or another.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 29th, 2022*

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Final: Dakota Kai and IYO SKY (with Bayley) vs. Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah

SKY gains an early advantage. Rodriguez and Aliyah gain the upper hand. Kai and SKY showcase their chemistry. Kai slams Aliyah into the steps and blast Rodriguez with a kick. SKY continues to control the action by grounding Rodriguez. The powerhouse rallies by throwing SKY into Kai. She headbutts SKY and takes the fight to both of her opponents. SKY gets a two count on Rodriguez. SKY drills Rodriguez with a series of strikes. Bayley helps SKY escape a powerbomb, and SKY capitalizes by stomping on the powerhouse. Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka run to the ring, and they chase Bayley away. Aliyah tags in and pins Kai for the win.

Winners and new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah

After the match, Bliss, Belair, and Asuka celebrate with the new champions.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 22nd, 2022*


Stratus gets a massive ovation in her hometown. Stratus notes that she is happy to be back home in WWE. The crowd chants “one more match”. Stratus says she’s been thinking but before she can explain she is interrupted by Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Io Sky. Bayley goes on and on about how much she loves Stratus. Sky agrees. Bayley asks what she is even doing here. Stratus says she is here to support Edge in his big match tonight. She has something to say. Kai says they don’t care what she has to say. Sky says she doesn’t like her.

Bayley laughs and says they are sick of Stratus riding their coattails. She is the past, they are the now. Bayley gets in Stratus’ face. Bianca Belair’s music hits and she sprints to the ring. Belair says Bayley has some nerve since she isn’t even in Stratus’ Stratusphere. Belair puts over Stratus and tells Bayley to watch her mouth. The crowd cheers. Belair says she doesn’t have to defend Stratus since she can take care of herself.

Stratus says Bayley needs to be careful. She can go from retired to unretired real quick. Stratus takes off her jacket. Bayley does the same as she reminds Stratus that there it’s three on two and she likes those odds. Stratus tells Bayley she needs to count again. Alexa Bliss and Asuka join them in the ring. Bayley begs off.


Sky and Asuka circle each other. Asuka is chomping at the bit to lock up with Sky. Sky backs to her corner and tags in Kai with a sly grin. Kai gets in the ring and gets sent to the outside. After the break, Bliss and Sky lock up and trade submission holds and pin attempts. Bliss lands an STO. Modified insult to injury by Bliss. Asuka tags in and Sky is once again hesitant.

Sky and Asuka scream at each other in Japanese. Sky and Asuka trade strike attempts but neither can get an advantage. Asuka blocks a kick and wags her finger in Sky’s face. Sky surprises Asuka with a swift kick to the face. Kai tags in and ends up eating Kawada kicks from Asuka. Bliss and Asuka double team Kai. Kai catches Bliss with a running boot on the apron to take control.

After the break, Bliss manages to tag in Asuka. Asuka lands a flurry of strikes to Sky, capped with a German suplex. Sky kicks out after a running knee. After a distraction from Kai, Sky lands a springboard dropkick. Bliss breaks up the pin. Asuka and Kai exchange kicks. Asuka misses a hip attack and gets hung up in the ropes. Kai blasts her with a running boot. Asuka kicks out. Bliss double DDTs Kai and Sky.

After a combo move, Asuka traps Kai in a submission hold. Sky breaks it up. Bliss tries Twister Bliss but Kai gets her knees up. Kai misses a boot in the corner. Sky gets a blind tag. Asuka traps Kai in the Asuka Lock. Kai taps. Asuka lets go and celebrates but Asuka isn’t legal. Sky rolls up Asuka for the win.

Winners- Dakota Kai and Io Sky

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 15th, 2022*


Bianca Belair skips to ringside to watch Asuka and Bliss’ backs. Nikki comes to the ring in her superhero gear, but sans cape. She is rocking a leather jacket gifted to her by Doudrop. Nikki takes down Asuka. Asuka responds with a popup knee. Asuka tags in Bliss and they double clothesline Nikki. Bliss and Asuka clear the ring.

After the break, Nikki and Doudrop are working over Bliss. Bliss tags in Asuka. Asuka lands a flurry of offense. Doudrop flattens Bliss with a low crossbody. Doudrop misses a Vader bomb. Asuka traps Doudrop in a modified cross armbar. Doudrop taps out.

Winners- Asuka and Alexa Bliss

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Io Sky meet Asuka, Bliss, and Belair on the ramp. Everyone argues. Officials and referees run in to break them up.


Kai lands a big boot for a near fall. Brooke is whipped into the corner. Face wash by Kai. Kawada kicks by Kai. Brooke manages to get a boot up while Kai charges in. Brooke fires up with strike after strike. Kai sends Brooke into the middle turnbuckle. Kai lands a running boot in the corner for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 1st, 2022*

Becky Lynch comes out and talks about feeling like she didn’t know who she was after losing her title at WrestleMania, but SummerSlam made her remember who she was. Becky said it was not the flashy clothes that made her, it was the pursuit of being better tomorrow that did. Becky says she separated her shoulder at SummerSlam and continued to compete for 20 minutes, and it was in pursuit of making sure WWE had the best women’s division around. Becky says she needs to give Bianca Belair proper praise and calls her to the ring.

Bianca compliments Becky’s resolve and gives her a hug, then Becky tells her to hold it down and they’ll see each other soon. Becky leaves the ring, then Bianca says she has nothing but respect for Becky and knows that some people might not understand it. Bianca remembers all of the times Becky crossed her, but she always wanted to be the best and Becky made her work for that. We cut to a backstage area where Becky Lynch is being attacked by Dakota Kai, and Bianca runs back to check on her.

Bayley is backstage with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai, and Sarah Schreiber asks why they targeted Becky Lynch. Bayley says it was not about Becky, and everyone will see things more clearly soon. The Usos walk in and say hello, then they tell Schreiber why they will beat The Mysterios tonight.

Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai are backstage and Bayley says people are talking about SummerSlam, but they aren’t talking about Bianca Belair or Becky Lynch. Bayley says that WWE needs her and she outsourced some help, and their role model is back.

Iyo Sky vs. Bianca Belair

Belair hits Sky in the ribs and follows with a dropkick. Sky gets back up and snaps Bianca down on the ropes, the follows with a moonsault. Bianca regains control and hits a scoop slam and a few forearm strikes, but Bayley and Dakota Kai come to ringside as Bianca works over Sky. The distraction allows Sky to regain control by hitting a hurricanrana, then Belair mounts a comeback but Sky attacks her on the apron. Sky throws her on the floor and Bianca catches her attempting a dive, but Bayley and Dakota block Bianca from getting back in the ring. Alexa Bliss and Asuka come out to even things up as Belair hits a superplex and a standing moonsault. Belair hits a spinebuster and goes for the moonsault again, but Sky blocks with her knees. Sky goes for a rollup and puts her feet on the ropes, but Alexa pushes her feet off the ropes and everyone at ringside ends up brawling, leading to a no contest.

Result – No Contest