NXT Takeover: WarGames 2019 Results – November 23rd, 2019*

WarGames Match: Team Ripley (Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, and Candice LeRae) vs. Team Baszler (Shayna Baszler, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, and Kay Lee Ray)

LeRae and Shirai start the match. LeRae and Shirai trade punches. LeRae tries a head-scissors but Shirai lands on her feet. Facebuster by LeRae. Shirai rolls to the other ring. LeRae tries to dive between the ropes but ends up eating an elbow from Shirai. Shirai lands two 619s followed by a Meteora on the ring post. Shirai walks the ropes to land a beautiful springboard dropkick. Bianca Belair is released out of the mini cage first. Belair double chicken wing drivers LeRae. Standing shooting star by Belair. Belair tries to powerbomb LeRae but LeRae turns it into a rana. Belair responds by triple powerbombing LeRae, the last of which was into the cage. Belair puts LeRae in a camel clutch. Shirai bounces off the ropes over and over again to get momentum before dropkicking LeRae in the face. Ripley is released from the mini cage next. Ripley hits Belair in the head with the cage door. Ripley tosses a bunch of weapons into the ring. Ripley inverted suplexes Belair on a trash can. Kay Lee Ray is released from Team Baszler’s mini cage next. Ray brings a bunch of chairs into the ring. Ray tornado DDTs Ripley on a chair.

Ripley tower of dooms Ray, LeRae, and Shirai on a bunch of chairs. Belair hooks the top rope so she avoids getting sent into the chairs. As Ripley lays on the mat, Belair hits a 450 splash out of nowhere! Dakota Kai is released next. Kai runs back to the mini cage and attacks Tegan Nox! Kai slams Nox into the mini cage over and over again. Kai slams the door on Nox’s head, then Nox’s previously injured knee. Kai slams the door on Nox’s knee over and over again. Baszler is watching from the other mini cage laughing hysterically. Regal tries to pull Kai away but Kai decks Regal. All Team Ripley can do is watch. Baszler is released next. Baszler slowly walks to the WarGames cage. Team Ripley is woefully overmatched. Baszler and Co all attack Ripley at the same time. Maura announces that since Kai has been escorted out of the arena and Nox isn’t medically cleared to compete WarGames officially starts right now. Pinfall and submissions are no legal. Ripley tackles Baszler while LeRae works over Shirai and Ray with a trash can lid. Ripley sends Belair into a trash can set up in the corner.

Ripley counters Ray’s tornado DDT into a suplex into the cage. Ripley puts Shirai in her clover hold on the top rope. Baszler puts LeRae in the clutch. LeRae launches Baszler off the top rope. LeRae hits her springboard moonsault. Belair breaks up the pin. Belair press slams LeRae from one ring to the other onto Ripley. Ray hits the Gory Bomb on LeRae. Shirai crushes LeRae with a moonsault. Ripley pushes Belair into Shirai to break up the pin. Belair hair whips Ripley. LeRae whips Belair with a kendo stick. Shirai climbs to the top of the cage.

LeRae hits an avalanche poison ranna off the top to Ray. Belair breaks up the pin. LeRae has Belair by the hair. Shirai dives off the top of the cage and hits a moonsault on Belair and LeRae. Ray leaps off the top rope but Ripley hits her with a trash can. Baszler sneaks up behind Ripley and locks in the Kirifiuda Clutch. Ripley takes the handcuffs Baszler had earlier and handcuffs herself to Baszler. Ripley escapes the clutch. Ripley hit Riptide on a bunch of chairs for the win!

Winners- Team Ripley

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