WWE NXT Results – January 15th, 2020*

Number One Contenders Battle Royal: Candice LeRae vs. Bianca Belair vs. Kacy Catanzaro vs. Mia Yim vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. MJ Jenkins vs. Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox vs. Xi Li vs. Alliyah vs. vs. Santana Garrett vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Shotzi Blackheart  vs. Kayden Carter vs. Hartwell vs.Vanessa Borne vs. Jessie vs. Catalina vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler eliminates Jenkins.

Belair eliminates Jessie.

Baszler eliminates Catalina.

Baszler eliminates Carter.

Nox eliminates Hartwell.

Baszler eliminates Santana Garrett.

Mia Yim eliminates Borne.

Blackheart eliminates Purrazzo. Purrazoo pulls Blackheart under the ropes and kicks her in the face.

Baszler eliminates Li.

Shirai elminates Catanzaro via a dropkick.

Belair launches LeRae into the ring post to eliminate her.

Martinez suplexes Yim over the top rope for the elimination.

Martinez and Baszler go nose-to-nose. Martinez and Bazsler trade stiff strikes. Baszler almost locks in the Krifuda Clutch. Martinez tries to dump Baszler over the top but Baszler counters, sending Martinez tumbling to the floor.

The final four are Nox, Baszler, Belair, and Shirai. Nox lands a splash followed by multiple running elbows on Belair and Baszler. Nox crushes both Baszler and Belair with running cannonballs in the corner. Nox chokeslams Shirai on top of Baszler. Belair spears Baszler. Nox obliterates Belair with the Shiniest Wizard. Nox goes up top but Dakota Kai runs down to the ring and pulls Nox off the top rope to eliminate Nox. Kai hits Nox in the head with her old knee brace. Baszler puts Shirai in the Krifuda Clutch on the apron. Blackheart rolls back into the ring (she was never actually eliminated) and dumps Baszler over the top! Baszler has been eliminated! As Blackheart celebrates, Belair dumps Blackheart over the top. Belair and Shirai trade strikes. Shirai catches Belair with a 619. Shirai dives off the top but Belair catches Shirai in midair. Fallaway slam by Belair.

Shirai trips Belair into the corner. Shirai sits Belair on the top rope. Shirai and Belair fight on the top rope. Shirai tries a ranna but Belair counters and almost powerbombs Shirai off the top rope. Shirai and Belair fight on the apron. Shirai tries to German suplex Belair off the apron. Belair tries to roll into the ring but Shirai steps on Belair’s braid. Belair yanks her hair away, which causes Shirai to hit the apron hard. Shirai lands a few strikes but Belair drops Shirai with a vicious spear. Shirai German suplexes Belair. Running double knee strike by Shirai. Shirai tries her patented double under hook backbreaker but Belair rolls through and hits a KOD that sends Shirai flying out of the ring for the win.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Bianca Belair

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