WWE NXT Results – January 27th, 2021*

Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez vs. Jessi Kamea and Aliyah

Gonzalez and Aliyah lock up.  Gonzalez spins Aliyah around before tossing her to the mat. Gonzalez woman handles Kamea. Kai tags in and gets double teamed by Aliyah and Kamea. Aliyah boots Kai out of the ring. Kai falls to the outside. After a distraction from Gonzalez, Kai drops Aliyah with a pump kick. Gonzalez tags and lands a few strikes. Whirlwind slam by Gonzalez. Aliyah kicks out at two. Kai face washes Aliyah in the corner for another near fall. Gonzalez hip tosses Aliyah with one hand. Gonzalez launches Kai in the air for a double stomp on Aliyah. Aliyah kicks out again. Aliyah surprises Kai with a DDT. Both women make tags but Gonzalez obliterates Kamea with a clothesline before she can do mount any offense whatsoever. Gonzalez hits her one-armed powerbomb for the win.

Winners- Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

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