WWE NXT Results – May 27th, 2020*

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez w/Dakota Kai

Gonzalez blasts Blackheart with multiple shoulder blocks. Blackheart hits an armDT on Gonzalez. Blackheart kicks Gonzalez in the arm. Blackheart keeps trying to take Gonzalez off her feet but Gonzalez won’t go down. Gonzalez misses an elbow drop. Blackheart lands multiple strikes. Blackheart gets caught up in the ropes. Gonzalez finally lands her elbow drop. Kai tries to steal Blackheart’s tank. Tegan Nox runs down to the ring and pushes Kai out of the tank. Blackheart rolls up Gonzalez for a near fall. After the break, Gonzalez gets another near fall after a powerslam.

Gonzalez puts Blackheart in a bearhug. Blackheart fights her way out of it. Blackheart walks right into a pendulum backbreaker. Blackheart wheelbarrows Gonzalez into the middle rope. Blackheart flattens Gonzalez with a senton. Gonzalez falls to the outside. Blackheart tries a springboard coffin drop to the outside. Blackheart grazes Gonzalez and Kai. Nox checks on Blackheart. Blackheart sets up the sliced bread #2. Kai breaks it up while the referee is trying to get Candice LeRae and Nox away from ringside. Gonzalez hits a one-armed powerbomb for the win.

Winner- Raquel Gonzalez

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