WWE NXT: New Year’s Evil Results – January 6th, 2021*

Last Women’s Standing Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez

As soon as the bell rings, Ripley dropkicks Gonzalez. Ripley ground and pounds Gonzalez. Unphased, Gonzalez hits a clothesline. Gonzalez bodyslams Ripley. Gonzalez lands two fallaway slams. Ripley is writhing in pain on the mat. The referee counts to four before Ripley gets to her feet. Gonzalez badmouths Ripley. Ripley fires up and sends Gonzalez out of the ring with a dropkick. Ripley pulls a chair and a kendo stick from under the ring. Ripley beats Gonzalez with the kendo stick. Gonzalez blocks a kendo stick shot and tosses Ripley back into the ring.

Ripley slides out of the ring. Ripley leaps off the steps for a dropkick but Gonzalez swats her out of the air with a chair shot. Gonzalez launches Ripley into the barricade. Gonzalez tries to handcuffs Ripley to the fence but Ripley ends up handcuffing her. Ripley lands a few kendo stick shots. Gonzalez breaks the fence to escape. Gonzalez beats Ripley with the broken piece of fence. Ripley grabs the timekeeper’s bell. Gonzalez blocks it and bangs Ripley’s head into the ring bell itself. Gonzalez back body drops Ripley on the announce desk.

Ripley’s back lands on the point of the table. The table is destroyed. Gonzalez buries Ripley under a bunch of debris. Ripley manages to get to her feet by an eight count. After the break, Gonzalez is beating down Ripley on the stage. Gonzalez lands a running boot that sends Ripley flying off the stage. Gonzalez beats Ripley to the staging area. Ripley tackles Gonzalez and drives her through a glass door. Both women are down and glass is everywhere. Both Ripley and Gonzalez get to their feet to break the count. Ripley slams Gonzalez’s head into a ring case. Ripley puts Gonzalez on a table.

Ripley climbs to the top of a shelving unit. Ripley crotch chops Gonzalez before diving off and hitting a senton that puts Gonzalez through the table. Ripley gets to her feet. Dakota Kai appears out of nowhere and hits Ripley with a kendo stick. Gonzalez gets to her feet. Ripley slams a looker door on Kai’s head. Ripley stuff Kai in a locker and pushes a crate in front of the door. Kai is trapped. Ripley walks out to the stage. Gonzalez hits Ripley with a chair. Ripley boots Gonzalez and puts her in the Prism Lock. Ripley wraps a chair around Gonzalez’s neck for good measure.

Gonzalez kicks her way out of the hold. Ripley is sent into the metal staging, head first. Gonzalez charges Ripley but Ripley uses Gonzalez’s momentum to DVD her into the LED board. Ripley tries to set up a move on the ringsteps. Gonzalez trips Ripley. Ripley hits her face on the ringsteps. Gonzalez one-armed powerbombs Ripley off the steps through the stage. both women are down. The referee counts. Gonzalez rolls out of the hole in the stage and gets to her feet. Ripley isn’t moving. The referee counts to ten.

Winner- Raquel Gonzalez

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