WWE NXT Results – April 13th, 2021*

In-Ring Segment: Dakota Kai

Kai Introduces the new NXT Women’s Champion. Gonzalez joins Kai in the ring. Gonzalez says she was supposed to have her big debut over a year ago but it didn’t happen. She wasn’t ready. Gonzalez went home and said that will never happen again. The only person who believed in her was Kai. Without Kai, none of this would have been possible. Kai says they dominated the best women’s division in the world. Gonzalez says much respect to Io Shirai. The Raquel Gonzalez era has begun. Franky Monet Interrupts.

Monet congratulated Gonzalez. Monet says she is here to introduce herself to Gonazlaez and the world. Monet says since Gonazlez is at the top of her division, she will be seeing a whole lot more of her. Gonzalez says if Monet interrupts her again, she’s going to shove that dong up her you know what. Monet leaves the ring and tells Gonzalez that she will be seeing her every Tuesday. Rhea Ripley’s Music hits. Ripley stomps her way to the ring with the RAW Women’s Championship. Ripley gets in Gonzalez’s face. They both smile and bump championships. Ripley and Gonazalez hug. Bianca Belair’s music hits! Belair skips down to the ring with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. They all embrace and raise their titles high in the air.

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