WWE NXT Results – December 21st, 2021*

Backstage, Raquel Gonzalez is making her way to the ring. Dakota Kia pushes a road case at Gonzalez. Gonzalez avoids it and the two brawl. Kai tries a ranna but Gonzalez puts on the breaks and swings her into some metal scaffolding. Gonzalez lawn darts Kai into a cage. Kai lands a few strikes. Gonzalez drives the metal scaffolding into Kai’s gut. Kai throws anything she can get her hands on at Gonzalez.

Gonzalez boots Kai in the face. Gonzalez tries to crush Kai with a road case. Referees try to get both women they have to make it to the ring for the match to start. Gonzalez hits Kai with a wheel cart. Before Kai can respond, Gonazlez drives Kai into a garage door. Both women fight into the parking lot. After the break, Kai and Gonzalez have finally made it to ringside. Gonzalez tries to hit Kai with the ring steps but Kai avoids it. Kai slams Gonzalez’s head into the ringsteps. After a series of reversals, Kai stomps Gonzalez’s head into the ring steps. Kai pulls a table from under the ring.


Gonzalez drives Kai’s table into her gut. Gonzalez flapjacks Kai on a standing chair. Kai surprises Gonzalez with a ranna that sends them both out of the ring. Kai puts a trash can on Gonzalez’s head. Gonzalez can’t move before Kai lands a double stomp on the trash can. Gonzalez responds with a powerbomb on the ring steps. Kai slaps Gonzalez in the face. Gonzalez hits her powerbomb finish on a trash can for the win.

Winner- Raquel Gonzalez

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