WWE NXT Results – July 15th, 2020*

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Io Shirai (c) vs. Tegan Nox

Nox gets in Shirai’s face during the intros. The referee rings the bell to start the match. Shirai and Nox lock up. They end up rolling around the ropes. Neither woman will release the lock-up. Nox flips Shirai down to the mat, while still holding onto the lock-up. Shirai gets to her feet and transition into an armbar that Shirai quickly counters. Nox bridges out of the hold and slaps on a hammerlock. Shirai turns that into a side headlock. Nox rolls Shirai into a pin, but Shirai quickly kicks out. Side headlock by Nox. Shirai rolls them both to the ropes. Shirai counters into a headlock of her own. Nox lands a series of arm drags into another pinning combination. Shirai kicks out. Nox and Shirai trade boots in the corner. Shirai blocks Nox’s PK attempts. Shirai slams Nox face-first on the apron. After the break, Nox and Shirai are trading strikes.

Shirai tries a springboard but Nox catches Shirai in mid-air. Nox hits a fallaway pin for a near fall. Shirai responds with a flying double knee strike. Nox kicks out. Shirai steps on Nox’s hands. Shirai pins Nox’s arm behind her and drives her knee into Nox’s injured hand. Shirai adds a rear chin lock for good measure. Nox fights to her feet. Bodyslam by Shirai. Shirai misses an elbow drop. Oklahoma roll by Nox. Shirai kicks out at 2.5. Shirai lights Nox up with a few knife-edge chops. Nox catches Shirai with a headbutt. Nox hits the ropes and ends up getting flap jacked. After the break, Shirai misses a double stomp. Nox rolls out of the ring. Shirai tries to whip Nox into the steps. Nox reverses it but Shirai puts on the breaks. Shirai sends Nox into the steps. Shirai misses a double knee strike as Nox moves out of the way. Shirai drives both knees into the ring steps.

Shirai is clutching at her knees in pain. Nox sends Shirai back into the ring. Shirai hits a butterfly backbreaker, but she hurts herself in the process. Nox rolls up Shirai. Shirai kicks out. Shirai German suplexes Nox. Nox kicks out. Shirai goes up top for a moonsault. Nox crotches Shirai on the top rope. Shirai falls into the tree of woe. Nox crushes Shirai with a senton. Shirai kicks out. Nox lands a few chops as she tries to get the feeling back in her arm. Nox lands another Senton. Nox gets another near fall after a diving crossbody. Chokeslam by Nox. Shirai kicks out. Nox is shocked. Nox lands multiple running European uppercuts in the corner. Shirai blocks the last attempt and German suplexes Nox into the corner. Meteora by Shirai. Shirai lands the tiger feint kick. Top rope missile dropkick by Shirai. Nox kicks out. Nox kicks Shirai in the knee as she tries another double undertook. Inverted suplex by Nox. Nox flattens Shirai with the Molly-Go-Round. Shirai somehow kicks out. Nox sets up the Shiniest Wizard. Shirai blocks it with a rising palm strike. Shirai lands her finishing Moonsault for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Io Shirai!

As Shirai makes her way up the ramp, Dakota Kai boots her in the face. Kai stands over Shirai and peers into the ring, locking eyes with her former best friend Nox.

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