WWE NXT Results – July 18th, 2018*

Dakota Kai vs Lacey Evans

Evans mocks Kai’s kicks. Kai rolls up Evans. Evan kicks out. Kai lands a series of strikes. Roll up out of the corner by Kai. Evans kicks out again. Kai lays in two stiff kicks. Kai goes for the face wash but Evans moves out of the way. Evans ties Kai upside down in the tree of woe using the tag rope. Evan hits a bronco slam in the corner. Evans bad mouths Kai. Kai struggles to her feet. Evans slams Kai down by her hair. Evans gets a near fall. Evans stomps on Kai’s back and pulls her hair. Evans sweeps Kai’s leg and gives her a stiff right hand to the gut. Evans puts

Kai in a modified camel clutch. Kai gets to her feet but Evans slams her right back down to the mat. Evans drives her knee in Kai’s back while pulling Kai’s arms back in a bicycle stretch. Evans sends Kai out to the apron. Evans stands on Kai’s chest. Kai rolls back into the ring. Slingshot elbow by Evans. Evans misses a moonsault off the top. Kai unloads on Evans with a series of kicks to the head. Kai lands three face washes in a row. Kai steps on Evans’ head over and over again. Evans kicks out at one. Evans surprises Kai with a body slam. Scorpion kick by Kai. Evans lands the Woman’s Right for the win.

Winner- Lacey Evans

After the match, Evans gets in Kai’s face and tells her why she’s mad, son.

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