WWE NXT Results – June 8th, 2021*

Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez

Kai and Moon take turns slamming each other’s heads into the turnbuckles.  Kai drops Moon and lands a face wash. Moon kicks out. Kai chokes Moon in the corner. Kai lands another face wash. Moon kicks out again. Kai slaps Moon. Moon fires up but Kai knees her in the gut. Moon flips out of a hip toss. Dropkick by Moon. Kai kicks out. Moon crushes Kaiu in the corner with a back elbow. Moon tries another but Kai slips out of the way. Kai spins Moon headfirst into the ring post.

After the break, Moon blasts Kai with a diving codebreaker for the near fall. Moon locks Kai in a Dragon sleeper. Kai counters and gets a near fall of her own. Kawada kicks by Kai. Moon blocks one. Kai reacts with a scorpion kick. Moon falls into the corner. Running boot by Kai. Moon kicks out. Kai goes for the GTK. Moon reverses it into a powerbomb. Moon kicks out. Outside the ring, Gonzalez tries to boot Moon. Moon ducks and decks Gonzalez. Moon flattens Gonzalez and Kai with a suicide dive. Moon sets up The Eclypse. Gonzalez hits the ring and kicks Moon off the top rope to cause a disqualification.

Winner- Ember Moon

After the match, Gonzalez tries to help Kai up. Moon and Gonzalez brawl. Gonzalez tries her patented One-Armed Powerbomb but Moon reverses it into an Ace Crusher. Moon drops Gonzalez with The Eclypse.

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