WWE NXT Results – November 13th, 2019*

Backstage, Mia Yim says she is ready for tonight and War Games. Dakota Kai walks in and tells Yim there are no hard feelings after last week. If anything goes down tonight, Kai has Yim’s back.

Ladder Match (Winner’s Team Gets The Advantage at War Games) Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai

Shirai and Yim trade punches. Yim gets dumped to the outside. Suicide crossbody by Shirai. Yim and Shirai fight over the ladder. Yim slams Shirai on the ladder outside the ring. Shirai and Yim tussle over the ladder. Shirai kicks the ladder into Yim’s face. Yim slams the ladder on Shirai’s face. Yim boots Shirai off the apron. Shirai grabs Yim’s leg and yanks her out of the ring. Yim hits the floor hard. Shirai misses a ladder shot. Shirai sends Yim into the barricade. Yim slams Shirai’s head into the ring steps.

After a struggle, Yim manages to suplex Shirai on the ladder. Yim sets up the ladder in the corner. Shirai sends Yim into the ladder. Yim surprises Shirai with a dropkick. Shirai and Yim trade shots. Shirai chokes Yim in the ropes. Tiger feint kick by Shirai. Shirai crushes Yim with a flapjack. Yim belly-to-belly suplexes Shirai on the ladder. Shirai’s body hits the edge of the ladder. That was gnarly. Yim sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Shirai closes the ladder on Yim’s back multiple times. Shirai tries to set up the ladder. Yim lands Protect Your Neck. Yim picks up the ladder. Shirai hits a springboard dropkick that sends the ladder into Yim’s face. Yim’s face is gushing blood.

Shirai sets up the ladder. Shirai climbs the ladder. Yim gets up pulls Shirai off. Yim starts to climb. Shirai German suplexes Yim off the ladder. Running corner knee strikes by Shirai. Shirai knocks Yim off the top. Yim falls to the outside. Kai runs down to ringside and helps Yim up. Shirai moonsaults off the top, taking out Kai and Yim. Shirai starts to climb. Kai attacks Shirai. Kai powerbombs Shirai. Kai sends Yim back into the ring. Yim climbs the ladder. NXT UK Champion Kay Lee Ray hits the ring and topples the ladder Yim is climbing. Yim falls off the ladder to the outside through another ladder! Ray helps Shirai climb the ladder. Shirai pulls the briefcase down, winning the match.

Winner- Io Shirai

After match, Bianca Belair joins Ray and Shirai in the ring. Shayna Baszler walks out on the ramps. As Baszler is clapping for her team, Bayley sneaks up behind Baszler and hits her with a chair. Bayley hits her finish on Baszler on the NXT Women’s Championship.

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