WWE NXT Results – November 20th, 2019*

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

As soon as the bell rings, Kai is all over Ray. Ray almost hits her finish but Kai reverses it into a sunset bomb for a near fall. Kai tries thee GTK but Ray escapes and superkicks Kai in the back of the head. Ray stomps Kai in the corner. Ray gourd busters Kai for a near fall. Ray and Kai trade chops. Kai obliterates Ray with a standing double stomp out of the corner. That was nasty. Kai toe kicks Ray over and over again. Ray tries to send Kai into the ring steps but Kai counters, sending Ray into the steps. Kai blasts Ray with a running boot. Ray kicks out. Ray escapes the GTK again. Ray hits the Gory Bomb for the win.

Winner- Kay Lee Ray

After the match, the Smackdown women’s team hits the ring and attacks Kai and Ray. Team RAW and Team NXT both hit the ring. Sane hits the inSANE elbow on Nox. Sane and Shirai go face-to-face. Sarah Logan ruins the moment by attacking Shirai. Nikki Cross runs to ringside and lays everyone out with trash can lid shots.

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