WWE NXT Results – November 30th, 2021*


Before the match, both teams get into a brawl on the stage. Kai sends Ray into a ladder. Kai sends Ray into the ring. The bell rings and Ray launches Kai out of the ring. Ray dives off the apron and lands a senton. Ray pulls a ladder from under the ring. Kai and Ray struggle over the ladder. Ray drives Kai into the apron with the ladder. Ray slams Kai’s head on the ring steps. Kai sets up a ladder against the apron.

Ray reverses Kai’s whip and sends her into the ring steps. Ray lands a suicide dive that sends Kai into the commentary desk. Before Kai can react, Ray drops Kai on a ladder with a gourd buster. Ray sets up a ladder in the ring. Kai sends Ray into a ladder. Face wash in the corner by Kai. Kai boots Ray in the face. Ray is left hanging from the top rope. Kai lands a double foot stomp. After the break, Kai is working over Ray’s knee.

Ray surprises Kai with a KLR Bomb on the commentary desk. Ray climbs the ladder. Kai follows. Ray and Kay trade shot on top of the ladder. Kai knocks Ray off the ladder. As the ladder sways, Kai dives off and lands a double stop. Kai starts her climb once again before Ray trips her and she ends up hanging from the ladder. Ray kicks Kai in the face before climbing the ladder and pulling down the briefcase for the win.

Winner- Kay Lee Ray

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