WWE NXT Takeover: Portland 2020 Results – February 16th, 2...*

Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox

Kai attacks Nox as she makes her entrance. Kai sends Nox into the barricade. Nox spears Kai through the barricade. Kai DDTs Nox on the floor. Kai gets a near fall. Kai pulls a cricket bat from under the ring. Kai breaks the bat on the ring post. Nox splashes Kai off the ring steps. Nox puts a trash can on Kai. Nox crushes Kai with a running inverted senton. Nox pulls a table from under the ring. Kai destroys a trash can lid on Nox’s head. Kai misses a running boot. Nox unleashes three superkicks to Kai. Nox hits Kai in the knee with a trash can. Nox German suplexes Kai on a trash can. Kai manages to kick out. Nox misses Shinest Wizard. Kai hits her finish. Nox kicks out. Kai scorpion kicks Nox out on the apron. Nox trips Kai on the apron. Kai hits the ring hard. Nox goes up top. Kai cuts Nox off with a running boot. Nox chokeslams Kai off the top.

Kai stumbles to her feet. Nox lands the Molly-Go-Round. Kai kicks out! Nox puts Kai’s head in a chair. Nox misses a PK. Kai kicks the chair into Nox’s face. Kai duct tapes Nox to the ring post. Kai kicks Nox in the face twice. The second strike breaks the tape. Kai tries to hit Nox with a laptop but Nox kicks Kai in the knee. Nox hits Kai in the knee with the laptop. Nox pulls a chain from under the ring. Nox hits Kai in the knee with the chain. Nox pounds on Kai’s knee. Nox lands the Shiniest Wizard. Nox brings a table into the ring. Nox puts Kai on a table. Nox puts a chair around Kai’s neck. Raquel  Gonzalaz hits the ring and tosses Nox off the top onto the table, which doesn’t break. Kai pins Nox.

Winner- Dakota Kai

After the match, Gonzalaz helps Kai to her feet. Kai looks confused. Gonzalaz raises Kai’s hand.

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