WWE NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver Results – April 7th, 2...*


Shirai charges at Gonzalez as soon as the bell rings. Gonzalez slams Shirai. Shirai tries a ranna but Gonzale puts on the breaks. Shirai manages to take Gonzalez off her feet with a ranna. Shirai sends Gonzalez out of the ring. Suicide dive by Shirai. Shirai tries to go up top but Kai attacks her. The referee sees it and ejects Kai from ringside. Shirai lands a moonsault off the apron. Shirai tries again but Gonzalez catches her and lawn darts her into the ring post. Gonzalez brings Shirai back into the ring and hits a modified powerbomb. Shirai kicks out.

Gonzalez tries a suplex but Shirai lands on her feet.  Shirai lands a few strikes. Gonzalez floors Shirai with a strike. Gonzalez puts Shirai in a modified Canadian Backbreaker. Shirai reverses it into a ranna. Shirai immediately hits a double stomp. Shirai finally hits the feint kick. Springboard missile dropkick. Shirai takes Gonzalez over with the code red. Gonzalez kicks out. Shirai goes up top. Gonzalez pulls Shirai off the top for the one-armed powerbomb. Shirai counters and locks Gonzalez in the crossface.

Gonzalez gets to the ropes. Gonzales rolls out to the ramp. Shirai hits a moonsault. Gonzalez crawls up the ramp. Shirai runs the length of the ramp and hits a double knee strike. Gonzale struggles to get to her feet. Shirai climbed to the top of the skull on the stage. Shirai dives off and lands on Gonzalez. Shirai drags Gonzalez back to the ring. Shirai hits her moonsault. Gonzalez kicks out! Gonzalez rolls out of the ring. Shirai follows. Gonzalez boots Shirai in the face. Gonzalez hits the one-armed powerbomb out on the floor. Gonzalez drags Shirai back in the ring. Gonzalez tells Shirai to stay down. Shirai lands a palm strike. Gonzalez obliterates Shirai with a clothesline. Gonzalez hits the one-armed powerbomb for the win!

Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez!

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