WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames Results – December 6th, 2020*

Women’s WarGames Match: Team Blackheart (Shotzi Blackheart, Rhea Ripley, Ember Moon, and. Io Shirai) vs. Team LeRae (Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, and Raquel Gonzalez)

Kai is starting the match or Team LeRae. Blackheart drives out on the stage. in a bigger and better tank. Blackheart fires a missile at Kai in the ring. Blackheart is about to walk to the ring but Moon stops here and says she’s got this. Moon marches down to the ring and stares down Kai. Moon and Kai trade strikes. Kai catches Moon’s foot after a kick. Moon turns that into a ranna. Kai responds with a boot in the corner. Moon responds with a front flip elbow strike. Senton by Moon. Kai takes Moon down and rains down strikes. Kai grinds Moon’s face into the cage. Moon suplexes Kai into the cage.  As Kai is standing on the apron, Moon crushes Kai against the cage with a crossbody. Basement superkick by Moon. Kai land Kawada kicks. Kai hits the Kairopractor on Moon off the second rope.

Blackheart is released from the shark cage first. Blackheart brings a bunch of tools from under the ring. Kai charges in and gets bulldogged by Blackheart. Blackheart lands a senton. Kai sends Moon into the cage. Kai slaps Blackheart’s head into the top turnbuckle.  Blackheart surprises Kai with an enziguri. Blackheart suplexes Kai into the turnbuckle. Blackheart goes up top. Kai cuts her off. Moon picks Kai off the top in an electric chair. Blackheart dropkicks Kai off of Moon’s shoulders. Gonzalez is released from the shark cage next. Moon and Blackheart meet Gonzalez at the door. Gonzalez takes out Blackheart and Moon. Blackheart gets powerbombed against the cage.

Gonzalez picks up Kai and uses her as a weapon, swinging her into. Blackheart and Moon. Kai face washes Blackheart. Gonzalez picks up Moon so Kai can land a boot. Gonzalez powerslams Moon after. Gonzalez helps Kai leap from one ring to the other onto Moon and Blackheart. Rhea Ripley is released next. Gonzalez and Ripley face-off but Kai jumps in. Ripley boots Gonzalez. Ripley lands a series of strikes to Kai. Ripcord slam by Ripley. Moon hits a diving codebreaker on Gonzalez. Ripley wraps her belt around Kai. Ripley lands a few knees before launching Kai into the cage. Gonzalez and Ripley crash into each other, landing rights and lefts.

Toni Storm is released next. Storm brings a bunch of kendo sticks into the ring. Storm sends Ripley into an exposed turnbuckle. Team LeRae wails on Ripley, Blackheart, and Moon with kendo sticks. Everyone fights to the top rope. Everyone falls off. Io Shirai is the next person released. Shirai slides a ladder into the ring. Gonzalez closes the door on Shirai. Shirai sends in a kendo stick.  Gonzalez kicks the door, sending Shrai flying off the steps into the barricade. Shirai kicks a chair into Gonzalez’s face, but Gonzalez still kicks Shirai out of the cage.  Storm wraps her belt around the door to keep Shirai out. Shirai tries to climb the cage but Gonzalez powerbombs Blackheart into the cage, knocking Shirai off.

LeRae is released last. Shirai tries to stop LeRae from getting in the cage. Indi Hartwell attacks Shirai from behind, sending her into the ring steps. Hartwell takes the cage key and puts it in her shirt. Team LeRae beats down Moon, Blackheart, and Ripley. LeRae tries to pin Blackheart but the referee tells her the match hasn’t started yet since Shirai hasn’t gotten in the ring. Shirai leaps off the top of the cage with a trash can on her head onto everyone. The match finally officially starts. Shirai spike DDTs Gonzalez with Ripley’s help. Shirai lands a fent kick.  All of Team Blackheart land splashes on Gonzalez. Ripley and Moon launch Shirai into a Gonzalez with a dropkick using a chair. Shirai lands her Moonsault. All of Team LeRae break up the pin.

LeRae puts Moon in the Gargano Escape. Blackheart puts Storm in Cattle mutilation. LeRae breaks her hold to stop Storm from tapping out. Blackheart beats LeRae with a kendo stick. Kai blast Blackheart with a chair. Shirai dropkicks a chair into Kai’s face. Kai responds with a boot in the corner. Kai puts a trash can around Shirai. Kai lands a double stomp off the top, crushing Shirai with the trash can. Shirai kicks out. Moon hits Kai with a chair. Moon sets Kai up on two chairs. Moon hits the Eclipse on the chair. Storm breaks up the pin with a trash can shot.

Storm hits Storm Zero on a trash can to Moon. Shirai breaks up that pin. Ripley puts Storm in the Prysm Lock. Shirai boots Storm in the. face. Storm kicks out of. Ripley’s pin. LeRae surprises Shirai with a brainbuster.  LeRae kicks a trash can lid into Ripley’s face.  Blackheart climbs a ladder and attempts a senton. LeRae holds up a chair, so as she is crushed Blackheart lands on the chair. Shirai lands another moonsault, this time on Kai. Storm pushes. Ripley into Shirai to breaks up the pin. Shirai tries to land a ranna between the rings on a ladder. Gonzalez puts on the breaks and reverses it into a one-armed powerbomb off the second rope through a ladder. Gonzalez pins Shirai for the win.

Winners- Team LeRae

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