WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results*


Ray comes to the ring with a baseball bat. She is going to start the match. Kai comes to the ring with a kendo stick. Kai is starting for Team Toxic. Ray catches Kai in the gut with the bat. Kai responds with a right hand. Ray and Kai trade strikes. Kai launches Ray into the cage. Kai picks up Ray’s baseball bat. Ray surprises Kai with a springboard senton. Cora Jade is released from the mini cage first. Jade brings her skateboard in the ring. Jade wacks Kai with it. Kai eats a stiff knee from Jade. Jade and Ray beat down Kai.

Gigi Dolan is released from Team Toxic’s cage next. Dolan brings in a garbage can and a bag into the ring. Dolan boots Jade in the face. Lariat by Dolan. Dolan German suplexes Ray.  Question mark kick by Dolan. Kai and Dolan work over Jade and Ray in opposite corners. Kai and Dolan land stereo boots. Jade fires up and lands a basement dropkick to Dolan. Jade puts a trash can on Dolan’s head. Basement dropkick by Jade. Ray picks up Kai and KLR Bombs her on top of the trash can that Dolan is trapped in.

Io Shirai is released next. Shirai brings another trash can in the ring. Kai boots Shirai in the face and launches her into the cage. Jade hits a diving moonsault between the two rings on Kai. Dolan surprises Jade with a dropkick. Jayce Jayne is released next. Jayne brings a table into the ring. Jayne kicks a trash can into Ray. Ray crashes into chairs that were set up in the corner. Jayne accidentally boots Dolan in the face while trying to kick Shirai. Shirai fires up and runs a trash can lid into each member of Team Toxic. Shirai crushes Kai with a handstand double knee strike in the corner.

Ray and Shirai put Jayne on a table. Jade hits a front flip senton off the top that demolished Jayne and the table. The medical staff tries to get Jade out of the cage to check on her. Her left arm is dangling. Shirai closes the cage door on the medical staff. AS Jade writhes in pain. Shirai pops Jade’s shoulder back in place. Raquel Gonzalez is released next. Gonzalez slides a shovel into the ring. Kai closes the door before she can get in the ring. Gonzalez sprays Kai with a fire extinguisher. Gonzalez stuff Kai in a trash can and swings her around the ring.

Shirai goes up top with a trash can. everyone climbs the cage. Gonzalez tower of dooms everyone off the cage. Gonzalez puts Kai in another trash can. Shirai lands a moonsault off the top. Gonzalez goes to check on Jade. Mandy Rose is released from the mini cage, officially starting the match. Rose brings in a chair. Rose grabs Jade by the arm and drags her across the ring. Shirai makes the save. this leads to a standoff. Ray walks over to Jade like she’s going to attack her.

Ray turns around and blasts Kai with a kendo stick. Everyone starts to brawl. Gonzalez tries to powerbomb Jayne and Dolan off the top at the same time. Kai hits her with a kendo stick. Gonzalez is sent flying into a chair. Jade breaks up the pin with a kendo stick shot. Team Toxic surrounds Jade. Rose knees Jade in the face. Jade kicks out. Gonzalez hits her powerbomb finisher on Jayne. Dolan kicks Gonzalez in the face. Jade pins Jayne.

Winners- Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Kay Lee Ray, Cora Jade

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