WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 22nd, 2022*


Stratus gets a massive ovation in her hometown. Stratus notes that she is happy to be back home in WWE. The crowd chants “one more match”. Stratus says she’s been thinking but before she can explain she is interrupted by Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Io Sky. Bayley goes on and on about how much she loves Stratus. Sky agrees. Bayley asks what she is even doing here. Stratus says she is here to support Edge in his big match tonight. She has something to say. Kai says they don’t care what she has to say. Sky says she doesn’t like her.

Bayley laughs and says they are sick of Stratus riding their coattails. She is the past, they are the now. Bayley gets in Stratus’ face. Bianca Belair’s music hits and she sprints to the ring. Belair says Bayley has some nerve since she isn’t even in Stratus’ Stratusphere. Belair puts over Stratus and tells Bayley to watch her mouth. The crowd cheers. Belair says she doesn’t have to defend Stratus since she can take care of herself.

Stratus says Bayley needs to be careful. She can go from retired to unretired real quick. Stratus takes off her jacket. Bayley does the same as she reminds Stratus that there it’s three on two and she likes those odds. Stratus tells Bayley she needs to count again. Alexa Bliss and Asuka join them in the ring. Bayley begs off.


Sky and Asuka circle each other. Asuka is chomping at the bit to lock up with Sky. Sky backs to her corner and tags in Kai with a sly grin. Kai gets in the ring and gets sent to the outside. After the break, Bliss and Sky lock up and trade submission holds and pin attempts. Bliss lands an STO. Modified insult to injury by Bliss. Asuka tags in and Sky is once again hesitant.

Sky and Asuka scream at each other in Japanese. Sky and Asuka trade strike attempts but neither can get an advantage. Asuka blocks a kick and wags her finger in Sky’s face. Sky surprises Asuka with a swift kick to the face. Kai tags in and ends up eating Kawada kicks from Asuka. Bliss and Asuka double team Kai. Kai catches Bliss with a running boot on the apron to take control.

After the break, Bliss manages to tag in Asuka. Asuka lands a flurry of strikes to Sky, capped with a German suplex. Sky kicks out after a running knee. After a distraction from Kai, Sky lands a springboard dropkick. Bliss breaks up the pin. Asuka and Kai exchange kicks. Asuka misses a hip attack and gets hung up in the ropes. Kai blasts her with a running boot. Asuka kicks out. Bliss double DDTs Kai and Sky.

After a combo move, Asuka traps Kai in a submission hold. Sky breaks it up. Bliss tries Twister Bliss but Kai gets her knees up. Kai misses a boot in the corner. Sky gets a blind tag. Asuka traps Kai in the Asuka Lock. Kai taps. Asuka lets go and celebrates but Asuka isn’t legal. Sky rolls up Asuka for the win.

Winners- Dakota Kai and Io Sky

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